Frequently Asked Questions about Hamtoons

Can you draw a caricature of me for my QSL card?

I can draw a cartoon likeness, but realize that it will be fairly “cartoony” and not like the sketches made by full-time caricature artists at fairs and amusement parks. My style is more akin to what you might see in a newspaper comic strip or an animated cartoon.

I want you to draw Bart Simpson / Peter Griffin / Mickey Mouse / Fred Flintstone / Superman / whoever for my QSL card. Can you do that?

Only with written permission of whoever owns the character, and you’ll have to secure that permission yourself. Be aware, though, that media companies charge for use of their characters, often more than the typical ham can afford. Occasionally they will grant free clearance for use of their character if they think it will benefit them – for example, the appearance of their character on the QSL of a special-events station circulated throughout the world might be good PR — but that doesn’t happen often. Also, most media companies closely scrutinize use of their characters to keep the way they look consistent. That means that if I draw it, their licensing department will have to approve it and possibly ask for revisions, which means I spend more time and you spend more money. It’s a hassle you probably don’t want.

Does your fee include the type — in other words, the part of the QSL card with my call sign, my address and so on?

Only if your call sign is somehow incorporated into the cartoon itself. Basic typography and a standard report form are usually provided by the printer as part of his price, but if you want something out of the ordinary I can provide graphic design services for an extra charge.

So do you actually print the QSLs?

I only draw the pictures but hope to be offering print services soon. Until then, I can work with any printer you prefer.

Do you have anything already drawn that I can put on my QSL card?

Not yet, but I’m working on it. Stay tuned.